Bomber Dash is a Beat Them All where you must survive on a small platform. Unfortunately, all the enemies tend to explode, destroying the platform even more, making it smaller and smaller.


checkered_flag YOUR GOAL : Stay alive as long as possible, collecting coins and defeating as many enemies as possible.


Controls :

keyboard Keyboard

  • Move : WQSD or Arrows
  • Attack : Space or X
  • Dash : Ctrl or Shift

video_game Controller

  • Move : D-pad or Joystick
  • Attack : Square/L1 - X/LB
  • Dash : Cross/R1 - A/RB


bulb Hint :

  • Dash on a weakened enemy to send him away.
  • You can pass over the holes by using a dash.


Team :

  • Harusame : Lead Programmer, Game Design, Level Design
  • Garywiss : Programming
  • Yami no tenshi : Graphics, Game Design


Download 16 MB

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